Could You, Would You, Try a Gypsy Caravan?

You could stay in the only 1930s steam-roller cabin I have come across while writing about hundreds of the most unique hotels in the world. There is room for two and looks darn cozy. All the cabins, caravans and converted whatnots have full kitchen facilities. Some have mains power while others remain simple and rustic.”  –

I first spotted this on Tiny House Swoon…

Learn more about spending the night in the Romany Gypsy Caravan & Showmans Waggon…

6 thoughts on “Could You, Would You, Try a Gypsy Caravan?”

  1. I would love to see more and insides. I would also like to know pricing.

    1. agreed! love what I can see, would love to see more, as in every inch! and of course the cost?

  2. Bring it to me if you can.This is exactly what we been looking for.How much are payments?I’m a big fan of this web site and yes this is the one.I live in Covington VA. Awwe I sure could use it now .She is homeless living in her boyfriends brothers basement job less penniless and broke.I want her to come back to schooland live with me.This pix has really pumped me up.

  3. I have aq 1995 blazer needs tie rod a 97 chevy cavalier needs water pump and a 14by 65 72 mobile home with new floors but no title.Do you want to trade?

  4. Karen Swindell

    I wish i could afford to do this one and had the resources to have something to pull it as makes it a mobile home on wheels so could move around like a gypsy and see the country while taking care of other more important matters of life..that need my attention now…

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