3 thoughts on “Der Wohnwagon – Tiny House from Austria”

  1. Marsha Cowan

    What a unique concept! Rounded walls. Rounded windows. This is beautiful.

  2. I would like to learn about the practical aspects of seriously exploring various plans and options for building. I have seen documentaries, Facebook posts, and advertisement for the new. TV show. Other then designing and building without help, what Architects, engineers, builders are available to consult? Are ther “as built” designs available? Specialty subcontractors, etc, ? These designs are outstanding!

    1. I imagine virtually any building professional can, and may be excited to, work on a tiny house project. Tiny presents some new challenges and designers & engineers love challenges.

      Some tiny home builders sell complete homes and DIY shells that the buyer completes. Others sell plans. The most common tiny house is owner-built with help from friends and family. People seem to love the idea of building their own mortgage-free homes.

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