Digital Nomad Trades San Francisco Condo for VanLife

Kirsten Dirksen visits Eric Kennedy, tours his off-grid Mercedes Sprinter Van, and learns how and why he chose VanLife over traditional housing.

For many, the lower living costs of living in a van are one of the major draws. I don’t think this was the case for Eric. For Eric freedom, quality of life, and a quiet place to work with lots of fresh air seem to be what drove him to VanLife.

It’s a good reminder that while this kind of extreme downsizing comes with many trade-offs, it also comes with many benefits that are not easily replaced by traditional dwellings or work spaces.

Eric moves with the seasons. In the summer you might find in the Pacific Northwest, in the winter, the Southwest. He always has an open-air workspace instead of a stuffy cubical. He chooses the view and he works and plays when he chooses.

His computer and internet connection keeps him connected to work and an income. His wheels take him anywhere he feels like going.

Image and video by Kirsten Dirksen. Be sure to follow her Faircompanies YouTube Channel, and you can find all her videos at To learn more about Eric, visit


  1. I think it is a great idea for younger people and independent active older people to some degree what worries me is will you be safe in winter when it’s minus degrees? How do you keep warm in a metal box?

  2. I understand why more digital nomads move out of San Francisco. The cost of living is too high. Van life is more fun than living in the Bay area.

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