DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 9

In this episode Cody (Wranglerstar) finished up the sill joints and talks about some old-school hand tools.

“Its time to fit the sill joints. Have you always wanted a small cabin in the woods? This video series will demonstrate how mill your own timbers with a Alaskan chainsaw mill.”

via DIY Survival Cabin For Economic Collapse Episode 9 – Sill, Joist, Tools Tenon

2 thoughts on “DIY Timber Frame Cabin – Part 9”

  1. Cool!
    but goodness, all that attention to safety and then, no! he does it! drop starts the chainsaw! Please don’t do that or at least don’t film it. If you are going to do it, wear chaps and see about finding a kevlar vest too! and learn how to apply a tourniquet with one arm.
    The chainsaw should be held firmly on the ground when starting.

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