Double 14×14 Modern Studios with Breezeway

This gorgeous setup consists of 2 14×14 studios with connecting porch. Both units have full bathrooms and, one unit has a kitchenette. The back is complete with 2 storage sheds w/ washer dryer connections.” – Kanga Room Systems

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8 thoughts on “Double 14×14 Modern Studios with Breezeway”

  1. Just one question – You write: “Both units have full bathrooms and one unit has a kitchenette.” Why just one kitchenette? Do the designers think that one of the inhabitants should be cooking for the other? To me, one of the most interesting and attractive features of the tiny house concept is that every unit is complete and contains all that is needed. If the double studio is meant for a couple, having just one kitchen for both is definitely a bad idea, sending a totally wrong signal.

  2. Lori Goodpasture

    Yes. Different folks, different strokes. Thank you. Every time these houses get posted people have critizied the setup of these without knowing the story behind why they were built this way. I will tell you why they were created this way. One house was built for a sick mother-in-law, the other for her special needs daughter to reside next door. So, yes, one can cook for the other since one can’t cook. There is a dorm fridge in one with a microwave so she’s not completely relying on the house with the kitchenette. Every person has their reasons for building structures the way they do. Don’t really understand the “wrong signal” comment. It was a personal decision that was made to build these structures the way they were built.

    Ps the bathrooms are 3/4, not full.

  3. I’m only seeing one storage shed and one utility room. What am I missing?
    Also the studio with the kitchenette has only one entry door while the other one has two. I thought that according to fire laws you have to have two entry/exit doors.
    The design is nice and easily adaptable to suit different needs/ideas.
    The breezeway is a nice touch. Sitting and admiring the pool is a relaxing idea. 🙂

    1. Lori Goodpasture

      Hi, you actually don’t HAVE to have two exits when they are under 200 sf. We chose to give the left house a second entrance so when people are swimming they have easy access to pee instead I’d traipsing through the main house.

      Laundry room is to the right in the back of the breezeway. Utility shed is in back of the left house.

      1. Thank you Lori. I misread … I thought it was saying 2 sheds and 1 laundry room.

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