Evaporative Refrigerator

This fellow is very clever with his off-grid tech improvisations. This video shows how evaporative cooling can be used to keep food cool.

“This is my powerless Fridge design that can bring temps from 96deg down to 64deg”

Watch Evaporative Refrigerator no electric bill on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Evaporative Refrigerator”

  1. The 30 degree temp drop is good for air conditioning and maybe canned drinksas long as you like them cool not cold. For refrigerating perishables you need to get tems down to 40 degrees or less with 32-35 degrees optimum.

  2. I realise it’s irrelevant to absolutely everything but you have beautiful hands Sir. Like your fridge too:-}

  3. 64 degrees is okay for slightly extending the life of uncut fruits or vegetables. But any kind of meat or prepared food will quickly start to decompose and become contaminated with bacteria growth at that temperature.

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