Fallbrook Tiny House in San Diego, California

A tiny house with covered outdoor dining area in San Diego, California.” – Tiny House Swoon

See more of the Fallbrook Tiny House at Tiny House Swoon. Learn more about this tiny house at Tiny House Vacations.

6 thoughts on “Fallbrook Tiny House in San Diego, California

  1. AVD says:

    A nice design that shares an all too common design flaw – that space robbing in-swinging entry door.

    To reach “perfection” one of the cardinal rules of tiny house design is to discard all of the inappropriate standards of conventional house design. #1 on that check list is to use out-swinging entry doors.

    An out-swinging door on this unit would be especially appropriate because the unit actually has a covered entry and an exterior wall for the door to swing against and even include a hold-open catch to hold the door open.

    Just think how nice it would be to have a simple piece of door hardware to hold the door open for increased ventilation or when moving items in and out of the unit.

    Think “tiny-smart” for better living.


    • Cam Scott, Bend Tiny Homes, LLC says:

      On this particular design, we not only did an out swinging door, but also have removable glass storm doors to enclose the porch. with black granite on the porch, that corner pointing south in the sunlight, able to keep the interior of the home above 70 degrees without any heat on. 😀

  2. Marie Herndon says:

    I would like information regarding the tiny houses in San Diego County area for me & or with land.

    • Lana Burke says:

      Is there any info on Tiny house communities in San Diego ( tiny houses with land to rent or buy) in North County?

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