Fieldfare Cabin in Norway

One of my readers sent me this link, thanks Anka! What an amazing place to build a cabin and talk about roughing-it. Also, please forgive the Google Translate translation:

“Fieldfare cabin is a true copy of that war Quarter Linge officers and Ålesund Sunnmøre Association members Joachim, Birger and Olaf Aarsæther built in spring 1944, where they spent the last year of the war. The three had trained as saboteurs of Britain, and with several different missions in Norway and England behind him were dropped in Tafjordfjella to destroy communications in Romsdal and Lesja.

The cottage was rebuilt by Joachim summer of 1990 and then donated to Alesund Sunnmøre Association. It unattended DNT standard with four berths and is hidden beneath a cliff ten minutes from Veltdalshytta.”

via Fieldfarehytta – Hytte –

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  1. The translation does leave something to be desired. The 3 brave men trained as saboteurs in Britain not of Britain. Their exploits throughout the war in aide of the liberation of Norway also helped the Allied army’s prevail over Hitlers war machine,including the destruction of his plants that were producing the heavy water needed to create an atomic bomb.
    Cool tiny house,cooler Men !!

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