Frank Lloyd Wright Student Builds Tiny Desert Dwelling

Frazee used the existing stone chimney and concrete walls as a base for his shelter project, placing the steel and glass box on its sturdy concrete pad.

The glass sides and front door give ample lighting during the day, while candles and oil lamps provide incandescent light at night time. The side awning style windows open like wings, creating a cross breeze which effectively cools the small space inside.” – Inhabitat

Read more about this Tiny Desert Dwelling at Inhabitat.

8 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wright Student Builds Tiny Desert Dwelling”

  1. I am guessing the student is at Taliesin West near Scottsdale, AZ. The outside sure looks like it. TW was the winter HQ for Wright when he and his students escaped Wisconsin snows and cold. They would drive there in a caravan. It is a great place to visit if you are an architecture buff.

  2. Animals, scorpions, etc… could crawl in through that bottom opening window.

  3. This is a perfect honeymoon retreat, we stayed at one almost like this 30 years ago, we took a portapotty a camp shovel and solar shower we made. It was great and simple ,oh yea still married:)

  4. Small house guy

    Try to build a structure like that in N Scottsdale now a days… Good luck, gov will laugh at you and refer you to the nearest mass home builder here in Arizona who will try to sell you a piece of crap 3/2 with zero lot line.
    The students living in these structures need to proactively lobby and encourage our government to change its laws on small home building. We need it, every one is broke and the American cost of living is about to become like Europe soon. Good luck building a 2.5 million dollar house in 5+ years for what would cost 300k in today’s money!

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