Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Solid walls, an integrated flooring system, real insulation, house windows, roundwood frame and rafters, and a wood ceiling with a tongue and groove look give the Yurt-Cabin a distinctive cabin feel. And it’s engineered for strength and longevity. And assembly is about as easy as it gets with the Yurt-Cabin’s built-in floor system and bolt-together design.” – Freedom Yurt-Cabins

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  1. Kudos to these designers who have deal head-on with the issue of platforms and flooring. The other aspect that is these are a design that would likely fit into, blend with, the trees and forests and would not leave a footprint. I suspect that this is new website (just guessing but:) The website could have more description as to insulation of the flooring, what climates it would hold up in, the weatherability regarding longevity and maintenance, and whether there are heating options available on order (ie a hole in the wall for an insulated wood stove pipe). Could you live in this wonderful yurt during winter months in Canada with a wood stove? (I would be surprised, but I would prefer to read information to know for sure.) What about shipping and do they sell cross-border? (I don’t think it will be in my lifetime that there will be freer and easier trade, but with so many great products available in the U.S., it makes it so difficult for us Canadians to acquire these kinds of products.) In short, a FAQ page would really enhance the web showcase of this great product. Perhaps I am nitpicking though because this looks like a wonderful product and they have a phone number you can call them and I am sure they would be pleased to respond.

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