Grain Silo Home in Highmount, NY

A two-bedroom house with the silhouette of a grain silo is on the market in Highmount, N.Y., a hamlet in the Catskills. The house has three levels, with the kitchen on the bottom. The second level is a living room, with a lofted bedroom. The staircase winds along the silo’s walls. The larger bedroom, on the third level, has windows on all sides with forest and mountain views.” –

Photo by Jennifer May for The New York Times

4 thoughts on “Grain Silo Home in Highmount, NY”

  1. What I like most about this kind of build is how “clean” it is. Not much scrap is left on site after the build, although this one looks to have used sheet rock which is messy and a home for mold. It sure is a sweet home!

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