Greencube – Prefab Tiny Home Delivers by Truck

Greencube is made in Estonia to European Union building standards. It’s a truly turn-key prefab tiny home that can be delivered to the building site on the back of a truck. Just hook it up to utilities and you’re good to go. It’s available across Europe and can be used as a home, sauna, and backyard cottage. To see and learn more visit the Greencube website or the Greencube Facebook page.

GreenCube GreenCube front GreenCube exterior detail GreenCube raw interior GreenCube interior GreenCube kitchen detail GreenCube bathroom detail GreenCube bathroom

One thought on “Greencube – Prefab Tiny Home Delivers by Truck

  1. David N. says:

    Interesting. What does it cost, and for how many square feet? Is there an air-conditioning/heating system at all? Any plans for import to USA?

    Thanks, Dave

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