Guest House by SMNG-A Architects

“The lower level has a two-story entry space, sleeping niche, laundry, toileting, and shower. A stair leads to an upper level study and sleeping loft. The guest house is rotated 90 degrees over its foundation, creating cantilevered corners floating just above the ground. High value insulation, minimal thermal bridging, high performance windows and door, high mass lower level stone flooring with radiant floor heating, and a rain screen wood skin make this a quietly energy-efficient structure.” –ArchDaily

See more of this Guest House at ArchDaily.

Architects: SMNG-A Architects

Photographs: Tom Rossiter, Courtesy of SMNG-A Architects

1 thought on “Guest House by SMNG-A Architects”

  1. I would love one of these….how much was it to complete. Is there some of them in the Pittsburgh area which I could see?

    Love the designs, have a great day…

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