Haiti House

Here’s an interesting housing solution, a flat pack home that measures 7′ 6″ wide by 18′ 6″ long. It’s lightweight and has a strong steel structure. One of the coolest features is that it sets up in 15 minutes without power tools. Thanks for the tip David!

Haiti House, a flat pack home

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  1. Dear TinyHouseLiving;
    Thank you for talking about our FlatPackHome™. Today we are going to release the next generation models and will give you one of the first releases. We have been in discussions with ministers in Haiti, Dominican Republic, families, and relief organizations and have devised a method to create FlatPackQuad™ village units, creating a safe, clean interior courtyard where ALL daily activities can occur in a private space used by neighbors and families, but which protects their lives and belongings.

    This very exciting advance will help Haitian society grow and prosper beyond just providing rudimentary housing.

    If you supply us with an email address we will include you on company releases. We are very proud to be delivering our cargo2™ container bunkhouse/office relief units to the U.N. this Sunday. Keep your eyes peeled as you may see HaitiHouse.org on the worldwide broadcast news feeds from Haiti!

    Thank you.

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