HALO – Passive Solar Home Designed by Swedish Students

Measuring 645 sq foot, HALO takes its name and shape from the rainbow-like optical phenomenon around the sun. It was designed with small private rooms and large entertaining areas to shift people away from the growing trend of social isolation…

Its curvy roof is made from monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic solar cells on acrylic covered with a high strength polymer. This was mounted on a thin waterproof polycarbonate membrane and shaped into a canopy with indoor and outdoor spaces.” – Inhabitat 

See more of this Passive Home Powered by the Sun Chalmers University of Technology

5 thoughts on “HALO – Passive Solar Home Designed by Swedish Students”

  1. jerry Daniels

    Of all the tiny house’s I’ve see this one is the one I would love to build on my land……….where can I get the blueprints.

  2. Clear paths of travel/easy entry, handicap accessible great
    Any pix sleeping area/bath?
    Sq.ft/per area?

  3. A great use of space, maximized and no wasted space. Gives a sense of a much large home by the creative design. Also like the way you have created out of doors ‘rooms’/spaces yet maintaining privacy. Its like a personal earth ship 🙂 thank you for sharing

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