I Love the Stairs in the ‘Home Run’ by Brevard Tiny House

An 8×24 ft. “climbing stairs” home with abundant storage, a side entrance, open floor plan, shed roof, and a cool baseball theme!” – Brevard Tiny House

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4 thoughts on “I Love the Stairs in the ‘Home Run’ by Brevard Tiny House”

  1. It is funny to see double handrails on the exterior stairs but not a hint of even one on the interior stair to the loft.

    If a person slips on the slick wood stair tread or misses one of the treads on the way down, then the first landing zone will be the edge of the kitchen cabinet and the next bounce or two will be those hard treads.

    Speaking from experience, even one missed stair tread can result in two corrective surgeries, three days in the hospital and a month of rehab.

    Small and tiny homes are great, but the movement promoters should get smart and stop praising really foolish and dangerous design features.

    A $25 handrail can save you pain, grief, and $50,000 in medical bills.

  2. I just had to comment so that you had a positive comment for this really cool post. While I understand the sentiment in the previous comment, I think that the plus side of your design is those handy drawers in the stairs! How cool!

  3. I absolutely love the stairs. Love the design of them. They don’t look too steep, either. But I have to agree with AVD.
    Especially we older people would need a hand rail.

    1. The hidiousy…of the commentary is thus… if you want rails installed, ask for them. tiny houses were designed not for popculture, but to rectify and aleve some housing issues people may have, like finances, no housing, etc. in keeping with space efficiency, the designs of the average stair width is 24 inches or so, which does not allow for railings if you are too wide railings don’t help, if you are unstable railings don’t help…there are TH with room designs on the ground level… the wood etc is easy to clean and transport etc… so the overall safety and design comforts are to the consumer. These are not RVs/Travel trailers and Last I checked stupidity comes in all shapes/sizes, we cannot expect nor should anybody be expected to save anyone from themselves. Look elsewhere for lawsuit ideas.

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