Incredible Detail & Craftsmanship! House by Wishbone Tiny Homes in North Carolina

Currently this father and son team are focused on building portable tiny homes ranging from 150 sq to 200 sq, but build larger, permanently fixed tiny homes up to 1000 sq as well. Prices for portable homes start around $25,000.” – Wishbone Tiny Homes

Learn more about Wishbone Tiny Homes. Photo credit to Christopher Tack, taken at the Tiny House Conference.


  1. Hi all – Michael, thank you for sharing our work on your site! A note about these photos: Credit is owed to Chris Tack and the Tiny House Conference.


    Teal and Gerry

  2. I find myself falling deeper and deeper into love with the tiny house “revolution” every day. Your tiny home is easily one of the nicest I’ve seen. Hands down. Just curious, what does it weigh?

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