10 thoughts on “Inspired by Thoreau’s Cabin – Built from Stone”

  1. Simplicity personified. I like this very much. How much did it cost to build?

  2. Are there any other shots of the cabin? Is there a kitchen, bedroom? Very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  3. It cost as much as a normal house. No kitchen bathroom or bedroom. It was built as a rich mans dream

  4. If it were built to be reasonable and realistic, it would have an efficient woodstove instead of a fireplace, since 90% of the heat generated by a fireplace goes up the chimney, and sucks cold air into a building as it does so. And the brick chimney would be inside the insulated envelope of the building to ensure as much of the heat sent up the chimney actually radiated back out into the building, to be used. But heck, let’s not quibble over details. It’s a really pretty, romantic little unrealistic cottage.

  5. I hope one day i can buy everyone in the world one with trailer car and land incluced

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