James Galletly Built This Tiny House Entirely from Recycled Material

It is only two by two-and-a-half metres and made entirely from recycled material, but James Galletly is hopeful that someone will call his tiny project home.The multi-purpose space – which features a single bed, a desk and storage shelves, all of which fold neatly away – was inspired by the growing tiny house movement in the United States which is slowly gaining momentum across Australia.” – Mail Online

via Meet the carpenter who claims Australians should start buying his two-and-a-half metre homes

5 thoughts on “James Galletly Built This Tiny House Entirely from Recycled Material

  1. Angela says:

    I am so interested in tiny living and simple house living. Wanted to know , how can I get one and where can I install it? I live in Melbourne. Is there any group or community in or around Melbourne that is eco -friendly?
    Some information will be much appreciated.
    kind regards

  2. Anna says:

    I’m super interested in tiny houses and live in Perth. Are there services where you can buy an already built tiny house in Perth.

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