Jay Austin built the home of his dreams – he just can’t live there – unless he moves it to Texas!

For now, Jay Austin is allowed to build the home of his dreams – he just cant live there. The Matchbox has become a part-time residence and a full-time showpiece. The community of tiny houses at Boneyard Studios are periodically displayed to the public in the hopes of changing a zoning authority that hasnt updated a zoning code in 56 years.” – ReasonTV on YouTube

Watch Jay Austin’s Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House – YouTube. Imagery by ReasonTV.


  1. STOP with the STUPID hype here, and calling out Texas as THE place for tiny homes. Texas has regulations also.

    Just because this guy can’t live exactly where he wants to in DC doesn’t mean he has to move to Texas!

    He needs to do a much better job of promoting his vision and finding the right lobby group to get the regulations changed.

  2. Come to Texas– it’s tiny house friendly, no state income tax and less expensive to live here. Texans are friendly and neighborly people too!

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