Jay Nelson’s New 200 Square Foot Tiny House in Hawaii

Artist Jay Nelson built a new tiny house in Hawaii and sent photos to Lloyd Kahn at The Shelter Blog. See more photos at Small and Tiny Home Ideas. See more of Jay Nelson’s habitable art.


  1. Love the concepts, this one and the others on your website. Keep on the good work!

  2. We are very much interested in these tiny homes. We are moving to LaBelle, Florida and we are building something just like it or we want to. Thank you for more great ideas.

  3. Please post more pics of Jay Nelson’s New 200 Square Foot Tiny House in Hawaii

  4. Yes, I would love to see more photos too. Lovely and I love the stairs.

  5. Jay-
    I love your Haena place. Looking for more info- permits, costs, time frame. Please contact me via FB or my email stated in this form.

  6. Was so cool to open my email and see some great pics of my neighbors tiny home. It is truly breathtaking.

  7. I would be very interested in plans to build this tiny house. Are they available?

  8. I found about this new movement from my daughter and her boyfriend and how they wanted to create a tiny house! I did more research on the subject and added it to my my site under the “Tiny House” article.

    Earth Mum

  9. Love the stairs! I am no a fan of ladders. Would live to see additional pics.

  10. Fascinated by this housing solution, I went immediately in search on
    internet of Jay Nelson, in fact I was wrong, is really an Artist of Architectural Forms: seriously engaged, very creative and I would say
    the bizarre “strangeness” that characterizes his style. So if you do not want to bore you or depress you choose one of his Creations

  11. Nice and spacious.love the roof slope.ample head room in the loft.repost when finished.would like to see if there is a kitchenette and bathroom

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