Jay Shafer Reports on Tiny Mistake #1 – Bed Size

I made my bed wrong, and then I had to sleep in it. The list of folks who inspired me to start designing efficient, little houses includes the names of existentialists, like Thoreau and Emerson, and the names of architects and writers, like Les Walker and Witold Rybczynski. I recently added Barbara Mandrell to the list. Her 1978 rendition of Sleeping Single In a Double Bed is, after all, what first got me to thinking about how well unused space serves to remind us of our loneliness and the great abyss… continues…” – Jay Shafer

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1 thought on “Jay Shafer Reports on Tiny Mistake #1 – Bed Size”

  1. Wendi Roeder-Karpal

    My husband and I have downsized to a double bed in our house while building (to gain storage space). It’s doable!

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