Jøtul F 602 CB

I’ve been doing some research on small wood stoves. This little stove by Jøtul keeps popping up as a popular model. It generally costs less than $1000 and is an good size for a small house.

Most recently I learned that Brian (a.k.a. Ziggy) is considering it as a replacement for his handmade cob rocket stove.  If any one has an experience with the Jøtul F 602 CB, I’d love to hear your first hand feedback.

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  1. Terje S. Knutsen

    The classic 602 is a truly excellent stove, but one should bear in mind that the minimum output is 2.5 kW (when allowed a ‘sound’ fire), which is probably too much for most of the tiny houses covered on this site, even in a sub-arctic climate.
    With a living area of less than 3-400 sqft, the smallest of the Morsøe-stoves, for example, could be a better choice.

    Terje S. Knutsen
    Nøtterøy, Norway

  2. Terje:

    It seems like the Morso 1440 is rated to heat a larger space (and is physically bigger) than the Jotul. Do you have any firsthand experience with any of the small Morso models?

  3. fan convectors

    I bought a wood burner quite recently for my little home, and its amazing just how much heat it produces. I got it from ebay for just $700 brand new. I thinks its max output is 8kw and its great to look at

  4. Hi,
    I am from Czech Republic – Europe.
    I have new Jotul 602CB in the cottage.
    I burn in Jotul first one at last Friday 15.10.2010.
    It was very good fire. We have during 2 hours 31,5 degree in living room with kitchen 40 m2 – that is 100m3.
    I am glad that this fireplace very small, simply regulation, hight quality, but little worst price – they are expencive.

    During night i didnt have any problem and in the morning I gave there 1 the wood and fire was made again – without new fire after 8 or 9 hours.
    It is sure that fire- door must to be close during all night.
    I am glad too that this fireplace has glas in the door that we can to see nice fire.

  5. Hi, I have a little Morso in my 220 square foot house. I love it. That little stove rocks and isn’t too hot for the space. The box is tiny, when you take into account the ash box that takes up a lot of the space, but it doesn’t matter, the little stove kicks out the heat and doesn’t use much wood in the process. Also, importantly, I can really regulate how hot the stove gets. I didn’t think I’d like the ash box, but have grown to really appreciate it. Also like how the air comes up from below the coals and helps to keep the fire hot. I’ve decided that wherever I go, this stove goes! I’m taking it with me when I move. It is the squirrel model. Can’t say enough about it. It is the cutest, best made stove I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! I bought it on CL for $500, it was one year old and in new condition. Thinking of buying a jotul 602 CB for my other house that I rent out. Currently running some Vermont brand stove that isn’t well known, says “cast heat” on the front. Cute enough, but horrible seal and uses lots of wood. Really kinda sucks. When I lived in that house, I could get it up to 80, but I had to really feed the beast every hour or so to keep it in the 70-80 range. Yes, yes, 80 is excessive, I know. I wanted to see if I could keep it 70 or above one winter. I was, but that baby used so much wood, it was crazy. The morso will go and go and crank out the heat with so little wood in comparison. Morso also holds hot coals all night, unlike the current stove in the big house.

  6. I am looking for a small wood burning stove for my 80 square foot Cord Wood Bunkhouse any suggestions?

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