JT’s Tumbleweed Tiny House

Great example of how a tiny house plan can start as the base and what can happen when inspiration and invention come into play.

“JT started with the Walden plans, but ended up combining elements of the Lusby, plus some of his own creativity into his finished product. And what a beauty it is. He started with the recommended 18′ trailer but then decided he wanted his home to be an extra 2′ longer. His solution … add 2 feet to the living room. But what about the porch? Well, JT figured that out too. He found some c-channel steel that matched the trailer and had a 2′ section welded to the front so he could add his porch. JT like’s the open feel of the porch and decided to keep it free from posts and railing.”

via Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Clean and simple. Notice how much space a medium sized armchair needs. Smaller chairs fit better inside tiny homes but I suspect JT will be very happy with the compromise he chose here.

Nice way to include more shelving without using any more space. Just build into the wall like one might embed a medicine cabinet.

No upper cabinets in the kitchen will make the space feel more open. To compensate for the lack of storage up above well organized open shelving is used below.

In the bathroom a small vent, mirror, and sink. The loft above provides a cozy space to sleep.