Kandovan: A Village Carved Out of Stone

Houses carved inside rocks are so peculiar; you would definitely want to visit them once. Some of these houses are at least 700 years old and still inhabited. Most of the houses are two to four storeys high. Legend has it that Kandovan’s first inhabitants moved here centuries ago to escape the invading Mongol army.” – environmentalgraffiti.com

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Photo credit to Ali Mirghaderi.

2 thoughts on “Kandovan: A Village Carved Out of Stone”

  1. Please post more pictures of these tiny houses…. they are so intriguing but never enough info or pictures to help with a decision as to whether or not we would be interested in building one. thanks.

    1. Uh, Pam. You don’t just buy the houses you know. And you can search it up. And they are not that small! I’ve been there and its lovely. And you want to buy one????

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