Keva Tiny House

Rebecca is tucked away in the woods on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in her tiny house on wheels. She designed it herself and had help from a friend to build it. It’s 22-feet long, 168 Square feet, and has a 64 square foot loft.

It took about 6 months to build and was completed in the summer of 2015, and cost about 50K CAD to build. Living expenses run just a few hundred a month and includes renting the land, car parking, laundry facilities, water, hydro, wifi, garden space, orchard access, kayak storage and the occasional dinner. The porch is made from 8’x8′ pallets to make it easy to move if needed.

To learn more visit Rebecca’s blog. Photos by Rebecca.

18 thoughts on “Keva Tiny House”

  1. Keara McCardle

    I like this design, but I live in city limits, so the outhouse for us, is not an you reconfigure to accommodate a self-contained composting toilet? and a full shower? Thanks alot =)

    1. Easy! You build it with an extra 4′ to 5′ long, to include the toilet and the full bath…!

    1. “Little Cod” by marine navigator build-to-order on Orcas Island, USA.

  2. barb archibald

    Lovely. Well done! I love the details around the fireplace, backslash and the curve of the deck. Really nice. How do you access the loft – don’t see steps or a ladder?

  3. Love it! I wished I could do over, I sunk money into A house in NC ,wished I would’ve got your place or one like it instead of this big ol house!! If God blesses me with money ,this is what I want!

  4. I think I can see how this nice unit might be on wheels. But was that approach just to make it easier to move to the site? Or is it a clever way to avoid property taxes on the living unit?

    Is the land owned, leased, or shared?

    I am also interested in the brand name on the wood stove.

    A load of work was done to make the deck and roofed area. It is a nice space, but what happens to that construction when the owner pulls anchor and moves?

  5. The outside of this house is almost exactly how we plan to build ours the entire roof slopes with cover deck and open side deck we were also going to have deck roof made clear. Love seeing it in a picture it’s awesome . You must be very happy

  6. Riley Christy

    I love the color and wood of the house but the shower and the outhouse I just hate that

  7. I love your tiny home. When I saw the tub with shower head, I thought that was great and wondered where was the rest of the bathroom. Then I saw the outdoor toilet and thought “no, thanks”. I cannot imagine having to go outdoors in rain and snow to ‘go potty’. But the rest of the house is very nice and homey. I love your window seat. Also, I like the, what appears to be, swing out countertop. Looks like it tucks up under the other counter when not in use. Great idea!

  8. Marsha Cowan

    I am blown away by the craftamanship in this tiny house from the coolest woodstove and surround ever to the Amazing tub setting to the beautiful kitchen counter to the greatest porch cover in this world. Every detail is wonderful. It’absolutely gorgeous! Job well done!

    1. Marsha Cowan

      Did I mention the loft? I think iis the prettiest and most comfortable looking loft in any tiny house I have seen yet.

  9. Adorable home but can it be expanded to include an indoor toilet, perhaps with a septic tank? Also what do you use for your water supple? Are you connected to a public water system?

  10. Very attractive home love the decorations the loft seams comfortable!
    I own five acres in the high mountain strawberry near a river I would like to build great Idea simple.

  11. it’s beautiful! I can’t believe it was built in 6 months. Must have been their full time job for 6 months or they’re fast workers!

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