This La Jolla Historic Cottage is Just 450 Square Feet

This is a 450 sq.ft., 2 bed/1.5 bath historic cottage that’s 3 blocks from the beach. It was originally built in 1895 – back when tiny was the norm – and in 1980 was renovated by a local historian. It is currently available as a vacation rental.

The master bedroom is located on the second floor and has a king sized bed. Also on the second floor are large closets, a bathroom, and the second bedroom which is located just steps down from the master bedroom in the loft. Downstairs is a full kitchen and living room.

See more of this Historic Cottage at Tiny House Vacations.

12 thoughts on “This La Jolla Historic Cottage is Just 450 Square Feet”

    1. Me too! Just too cute! Planning on building next year on my Son property!

    1. You are right, pretty expensive rental too.
      for anyone wanting to look it up on Zillow.

      That house is bigger than mine, my house is 672 SF.

  1. Patricia Thee

    I really love older houses and and these little houses are so unique and cute!!!

  2. Can this house be built..again? I’m single and a senior, looking for beach front living in just this type of home. Maybe beach front in S Carolina?????

    Thanks Victoria

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