Life in 200 Square Feet – Mark’s Tiny House

“A year ago, Mark and his girlfriend Ellie moved across the country from Indianapolis to an expensive studio in West Oakland. But when they got settled, something felt off. As Mark puts it, “We were just fed up with the whole stereotype of needing everything. I mean, there’s an entire industry devoted to keeping shit that you don’t even use anymore with storage places that you basically pay additional rent on to house things you don’t ever see again and eventually forget.”

Mark stumbled on the idea of a tiny home at first. But the more he considered what it would take, the more it seemed feasible. Building one requires resourcefulness, dedication and patience—all skills that Mark possesses in spades. Since he began, it has taken 6 months and $7,000 to get to where he is now. And now, every nail and two-by-four is a symbol of Mark’s dedication to living honestly, minimally, and mindfully.” – Shelby Tramel
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