Life in a Tiny House for a Family of Three

We’ve been living in our tiny trailer house for nearly a year now (Since December 2013) and we love it. One of the most wonderful things has been seeing our home evolve to suit our changing needs and the addition of our precious baby, Hazel. We’re amazed at how well our tiny house works for us as a family of 3.” – Shaye at DIY House Building

Read and see more about Life in Our Tiny Trailer House, One Year On. Photos by the folks at DIY House Building.

8 thoughts on “Life in a Tiny House for a Family of Three”

  1. Any Chance We Could See Pics Of The Bathroom, And The Loft?? Do You Have Any Other Pics We Could See?? I Absolutely Love The Pics That I Can See!! Blessings On Your New Little Girl Hazel!! She Is Beautiful 🙂

  2. Nicely done. Good to see the use of the out-swing entry door.

    Just wondering if the white panel leaning against the wall in photo 1 is one of those convection heaters that seem to have so many product complaints. The concept is good for tiny houses, but the fabrication of some models seems be a problem.


  3. Love this tiny home!!!! I love the long hallway look!!!! and the beautiful hardwood!!! I used to want a large house. but since I’ve watched a tiny house be built on tv, now all I’m looking at are tiny houses…. love love love it!!!

  4. Your thoughts on baby proofing those stairs when the time comes?????

  5. My only concern would be security!!! Love the idea! Living with less things and less space!!!

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