Lindley Tiny House by Tiny Life Construction

The Lindley tiny house by Tiny Life Construction is built on a custom 20-foot trailer. It’s 8’6″ wide and 13’4″ tall. The primary sleeping space is a loft with ample headroom, but it also has space on the main level for a futon sofa to accommodate guests.

The exterior can be finished in natural or stained cypress siding. Inside you’ll find white oak flooring, LED lighting, a sliding barn door for the bathroom, propane range, full size refrigerator, solid oak counterops, and an automatic heating/cooling system.

It’s built with standard RV hookups for power and water and an RV toilet system or composting toilet are also options. It’s pictured here with a standard flush toilet.

The Lindley tiny house is built by Tiny Life Construction in Greensboro, North Carolina. To learn more visit the Tiny Life Construction website.

4 thoughts on “Lindley Tiny House by Tiny Life Construction”

  1. If Tiny House designs use trailer frames as the base and method of relocating the unit, I always wonder how often the unit moves and how much time the owner wants to spend placing all of the loose items into storage tubs so they don’t fall off of storage shelves and lofts.

    The curtains won’t fit behind the sofa. So, was this just a trick to make the unit look more spacious?

    Good move for not placing a window in the loft behind the head of the bed.

  2. Very nice. I’m sure it’s out of my price range,lol.looks like 75k or more

  3. The inside is simply amazing! Not sure how to access the lofts but the large one is totally beautiful.

  4. Very sleek…very pretty. The living room is exceptionally roomy and nice. Beautiful…

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