Linsey is Building a Tiny House Eco Village from Adobe in Morocco

Dylan Magaster recently visited Linsey in Morocco where she created a Tiny House cottage and eco village from bdobe brick with the help of Work Away team members. Work Away promotes volunteering, family exchanges, homestays, farmstays, working holidays, travel buddies, language learning and cultural exchange. If you want to travel, learn, and work, check out Work Away.


Assilah Eco Village is located in Northern Morocco. If you’d like to participate in building this eco village, learn more on the Assilah Eco Village page at Work Away. Here’s what Linsey says about herself on Work Away.

I am a 61 year old English woman, settled in Morocco for the past three years. I am creating my own Nirvana with the help of like minded souls of all ages. Presently I share my space with 15 chucks (including rare breeds) , Lila my little Maltese cross, Booby out new puppy guard dog, and Cuzco as well as our potential ‘mouse catchers’ Lulu, NC and Teabag.

I am not an expert in natural building, self sufficiency or eco living, I enjoy working cooperatively, as part of an enthusiastic team, experimenting, and learning together to do the best we can.

Video and image by Dylan Magaster. For more videos like this subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.

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  1. Absolutely love what you are doing.. It is Incredible… Amazing Vision and Determination..

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