Livesey’s Little Houses

I’ve been really impressed with the Tiny Homes book by Lloyd Kahn and Tumbleweed’s DIY Book of Backyard Sheds and Tiny Houses by Jay Shafer and I wanted to tell you about my sheds. Having been in the construction business for 30 years I have become a believer in affordable and efficient house design. I am primarily a remodeler and in recent years have been specializing in finish and tile work.  Two years ago I started building high end garden sheds in my converted cabinet shop.” – Jay Livesey

6 thoughts on “Livesey’s Little Houses”

  1. Adorable! We just downsized to a tiny condo. Downsizing is difficult, but rewarding, I was busy taking care of ALL our possessions. We didn’t own them, they owned us. We are 77 & 82, both handicapped. What we save on maintaining our bigger home we can take our family out to eat or go fun places with them. We are closer for “downsizing!”

  2. I am confused and disappointed everytime I follow a link and find nothing of substance. Why post this with no follow up links or pics?

  3. Barbara Sevigny

    I was wondering if you have a catalog of the wooden sheds that you build.

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