Longitude 131°

I’m totally inspired by this tiny house design. It’s a very expensive Glamping cabin in Australia but looks more like an awesome tiny home with a view. Definitely useful as a design concept to emulate.

“Longitude 131° consists of just 15 luxurious elevated tents, each paying homage to and early Australian pioneer or explorer.  The white dome roof and billowing fabric create the illusion of camping, however the similarities end there.”

See more of this house at Go Glamping in Australia – Longitude 131°.

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  1. Actually, the tent does seem to serve a purpose. It keeps the direct sunlight off the structure, keeping it cooler.

    Great idea for any building in hotter climates. A false roof over top of the regular structure, keeping an area of freely circulating air between the hot roof surface, and the cooler living area.

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