The Lovable Loo and other Alternative Toilets

I have twenty-five years of experience with alternative toilets, but have never looked seriously at the bucket and sawdust toilet as a viable alternative. In fact, re-reading Joe Jenkins’ Humanure Handbook after many years, I began to appreciate the logic and sophistication of this solution.” – Lloyd Alter for Treehugger

Continue reading about The hot poop on alternative toilets. Photo by Chris Tack

9 thoughts on “The Lovable Loo and other Alternative Toilets”

  1. Yep! That gap in the tile is a bit maddening 😉 Put a vent pipe on that with a fan and that’s a really great low cost way to go!

  2. just in case you get bored you can do some art on the walls.. i thought the floor looked germy..

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