Luxury Tiny House by Chris Heininge Construction

The Tiny House is just under 10 X 20 feet and 15 feet high. 2″x4″ Framed Select Doug Fir with 3/4″ AC Exterior Plywood. R-MAX Foam batts in walls, floor, and ceiling…” – Chris Heininge Construction

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26 thoughts on “Luxury Tiny House by Chris Heininge Construction”

  1. Rrrrr. Such a gorgeous place, but it drives me absolutely nuts when there’s few or no pics of the interior. Would love to the the bath and upstairs.

  2. Love this interior (except for the fake fireplace) but there is something awkward about the front façade. A deeper overhang there might help and it needs some kind of cover over the door. That extra couple of feet in width makes a huge difference.

  3. One of the nicest in design, but how much does this cost? Blog says its for sale but no price listed there.

    1. $78,500

      A bit too steep for me, at least for something that isn’t on wheels.

  4. Jaimi Morrigan

    I am very interested in this design. If there are plans, I would love to purchase them for a two acre lot for a friend. Any information would be great!

  5. Without a doubt, one of the nicer tiny homes I have seen and it doesn’t look like a cabin. However, the price is ridiculous! For $78,500.00, you are not really getting much. I have a 900 SF home that I purchased for $86,000.00 and it’s quite lovely. I’ve noticed a trend with the “tiny” homes; now that it’s becoming more popular, the prices are rising and one is getting very little for their money for some of them.

  6. Nice home but 20X10 is 200 SF and if you add another 80 SF for the loft, at $78.5K, that’s about $280/SF. That’s outrageous. For perspective, at that rate, an 1800 SF home would cost over half a million dollars. For me personally, that defeats the whole concept of a Tiny Home.

  7. That price is crazy. I live in the houston area. You can go to Lake Livingston and buy a lot on the lake for 4k. Average of 100 per sq ft an even lower down to 85 a square ft to build around here. 200 st ft place like this..20k or less..add your lot..24…septic and whatever else you need. 30k…buy a dog, a brand new truck, add a deck, and a mail order bride to live with you and you will still have some money left over. People are paying way too much for these tiny homes. Hire someone to build it, its soo much cheaper!!!!!!!

  8. I am so bummed……Been looking at and into these little beauties since their conception. This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for BUT, there is no way I would pay this much. Had this come out a year ago it probably would be a fraction of what it is now and what I had predicted 🙁

      1. That’s true but I just LOVE as is. I would not change a thing so, I need to start saving my pennies!!

        1. Understand. Get a few bids on the exact same build…bet you can find someone who will do it way cheaper. $280/SF is very, very expensive, no matter how you cut it. Just sayin’…

          1. Bill…….OOOOOOH WOW $280 S/F??!! When you put it that way, BAM upside my head!! Yep, much to consider and research…….Many thanks to you Bill and Michael for not letting my excitement and emotion take over common sense. I have a years worth of Tiny Home pictures and articles saved up and my head is swimming. I just want this so bad. I’m taking a deep breath and slowing down….

      2. Ginger BearCub

        I would love to see your finished house you are building with shipping pallets please. That is the way to go, repurpose, reuse all that you build in your home. Get supplies for free or get them at Habitat for Humanity Store…Ask contractors for their scrapes from building large apartment units… just some ideas to make homes for less the amount…think outside the box for supplies, but love the idea shipping pallets.

    1. Sue, I’ve been researching Tiny Homes for a couple years now and plan to take the plunge next year. Don’t be disheartened by the price of this home; relative to others, it’s way, way out of range. I feel confident there are plenty of builders who can do something like this for much less money and, of course, you can do it yourself for even less, still. As I said in my original post, this is certainly a nice home but it’s outrageously priced…IMO. Back to the premise of Tiny Homes…to be mortgage-free; ones like this defeat that purpose.

      1. Thanks Bill and you are spot on. I have to remember the reason why these little beauties came to be…..Affordability and freedom. Thank you for snapping me back to reality and the hope that I WILL have what I want at the price I can afford….

  9. This house is the design I’ve been looking for, however, the price is WAY TOO HIGH!
    Consider making your prices compatable with the other tiny homes.

    Do you do custom work?

  10. This like so many others make me wish I could buy the plans to add to my collection. This is about the most beautiful one of all. I might would even have it built for me.

  11. Does anyone think about putting comfy furnature in these homes. Where’s the leather couch

  12. I really like this one! It will be on my short list. Kind of pricey though.

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