Michael’s Little Blue House

I’m not completely done, I still need to build a sliding door for the bathroom, a closet (to the right of the bathroom) with a washer/dryer combo underneath, a permanent ladder/stairs for the loft, and shelves/closet on both sides where the fenders of the trailer are.” – Michael

Thanks for sharing your house with us Michael – you did a great job! Love the little window off the kitchen – and it look finished to me. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Michael’s Little Blue House”

  1. Sophia Iznelli

    You did a wonderful job. I would love to see the opposite end of the house. Fantastic over the door ornament, btw! ; – )

  2. Very nice Michael!! Two comments. I LOVED what you did with the kitchen — tall narrow fridge (what Whirlpool model please?), microwave/convection oven, three burner cooktop — in black. All across the width. Sharp! Also, what is the length of the deck? 16-ft? Are there more photos elsewhere online? One more question — what is beneath the “bay window?” (The space is evident from the exterior but not fromt the interior. Propane tanks?) THANK YOU for your fine work!

    1. Thanks!
      It’s built on a 20 ft trailer.

      Check out some pictures here Facebook.com/tiny-blue-house to answer a few of your questions.

  3. Beautiful! Gorgeous blue. Love the kitchen bay window with the herbal garden. Are there more interior photos? Thank you!

  4. I concur, the kitchen is brilliant, simple, and functional with reasonably sized appliances you really can live in your TH.

  5. I agree with everyone it’s a beautiful place. I’d love to see more pictures of the inside as well. Pllleeeaaassseee!!!!!!!

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