Mini Mod by MAPA

Translated from Portuguese:

The Minimod is an authentic experience, smart and sustainable. The MINI MOD consists of four different modules: bedroom, living, dining and bath. Single area of 26m², which sometimes can be all connected, giving breadth and sometimes closed in parts, giving privacy.

The Minimod has unique design, contemporary and pragmatic. Option of several settings and customizations, allowing the client to create, invent and dream according to your preference. Minimalism rich and precise in detail.

The Minimod is fully coated by pine plywood, treated wood and recyclable. Its use gives ease and comfort. Internally willing naturally and externally painted, accentuating the contrast interior / exterior. Large glass openings provide perfect harmony and integration with nature. These can be shaded by reducing the amount of sunlight. Green coverage area returns to nature of the land where the house is available.” -MAPA

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