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Easy to transport, easy to place, incredibly easy to use, the mini.RV series is instant living. No permits.” – ideabox

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7 thoughts on “mini.RV by ideabox

  1. Petra S. says:

    Seems to me like the design would be better if the deck’s dropped down. When on the move, they’d cover the sides of the trailer. When stopped, they could drop down like a drop-leaf table. It would mean that the trailer itself could be shorter. I also don’t understand the wheel way out to the end of the side deck. Does that entire frame, with wheel, pull out like a slide out? Better to have the wheel back under the trailer & the deck drops down like the table leaf.

    • Gadj says:

      Petra, the side deck is a separate trailer.
      Your idea of having the deck fold is very practical. Providing width restrictions are able to be taken into account, the side deck could also be folded from the side rather than on another trailer.

    • Mitzi Bartlett says:

      Looking at the company site, it looks like the deck is a separate trailer that parks alongside the main one. An interesting idea, if a bit inefficient.

  2. Adrienne Merryweather says:

    For wind resistance when towing, wouldn’t it be better if the roof sloped the other way? Otherwise, I love it and it would be easy to build

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