Montainer Shipping Container Homes

Tiny cabins made from shipping containers.

Montainer has now begun production of the Cargotecture Series “container home” product line shipped to any location in the United States. Due to our limited production capacity, we can produce just 25 homes in 2014.” – Montainer

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4 thoughts on “Montainer Shipping Container Homes”

  1. Tina M Shelton

    I have never been so serious in doing this. It will be perfect and even have in the plans for when grand children come to stay. The great room will be kitchen, place to eat and visit and the other to relax and watch tv. The other end will be bedroom and bathroom, even room for a laundry room. I want to know as much as i can about solar panels to run a small house and the rest will be the smallest on demand water heater. I want to go small on things like stackable washer and dryer but I want a full size refrig. As far as where it will be built will determine what kind of heat and cooling systems will be put in the home. I do not just like Tiny House Designs I fully intented to join the group and maybe learn to spell lol

    1. Hi Tina, I’m interested to share ideas if you’d like to get in touch with me?

  2. gordon and joan williams

    We have been very interested also. We live on a SD farm and have always thought there is a way to support a small community where personal living spaces are small and resources are shared. But it seems we live in a oasis.
    Intentional communities are a first step, but off grid sustainable communities are feasible now. any comments?

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