Nelson Tiny Houses V2 Tiny Tour

Seth Reidy of Nelson Tiny Houses walks through our second V House, affectionately known as “V2″.” – Nelson Tiny Houses

via Nelson Tiny Houses V2 Tiny Tour – YouTube.

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  1. Kriss Femmpaws

    I really need to say this is a very lovely design, I very much like the layout. I find all the little things that were done to use the space wisely wonderful. This design has some wonderful ideas that could be used if you design your own tiny home. The raised living room floor is one of them. The bathroom that is not a closet with a head in it is wonderful, I really like the over all feel of this home.

    I do have a major gripe in the kitchen. The builders have made the same mistake that many builders do. They have stuffed the refrigerator into the smallest space they can. This is a mistake, let me repeat that, THIS IS A MISTAKE! Why, you may ask? First there is no or very little airflow about the refrigerator. The refrigerator needs airflow for cooling the hot refrigerant that make the system work.

    I understand most people clueless how a refrigerator works, they just put their stuff in the box and it keeps things cold and that is all they know. A refrigerator is a fully self-contained heat-pump system. I don’t see the need here to confuse people with all the details of how and why they work. So I’ll just give them what to be mindful of. With most household refrigerators and freezers they put the condensing coils on the back of the unit in the form of free air cooling coils or braze cooling coils to the inside of the outside skin so the skin is used as a heat sink to get rid of the heat. To rid themselves of that heat, both systems need airflow around them. Three inches on all sides would be a minimum, with 4 to 6 inches over the top.

    What happens when you don’t have the airflow around the units? First they can’t cool themselves so they don’t keep your food cold. Two their useful life is shortened drastically. Three the power they use can double or triple because they are running more often trying to keep things cold. Lastly you have the issue of a possible fire from things over heating. Parts of them can get hot enough to melt plastic and what do they use to insulate wiring? PLASTIC!

  2. Is there any heating in this home other than the water heater and the heated bathroom flooring? Just wondering, awesome home design, but living in the cold white north makes me wonder about what the idea on heating up this home is.

  3. Shelmadene Owens

    I love the V2 can it be attached to a trailer permantly? I have to park it on my Dad’s lot and we’ll live in it full time..My husband is also wondering in the winter how do you keep the pipes from freezing. Can we use the water in the winter? I know we couldn’t when we had a travel trailer. The only thing I’d want different is a sliding door going into the bathroom I hate the idea of a door you have to open into the kitchen…I’m glad your building tiny houses now I love watching The Tree house Masters…Keep up the good work…

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