215 Square Foot Off-Grid Concrete Solar Shelter

We realize this is not a house; but wouldn’t this 215 square foot concrete shell make a cool solar tiny house? See more at LJB.no and ArchDaily.

The main structure has the shape of a tilted cube and this creates a covered entrance for the services and at the same time offers a perfect south exposition for the solar cells integrated in the main window. The toilet is 100 % energy self-sufficient.” – ArchDaily

via Flotane / L J B | ArchDaily

2 thoughts on “215 Square Foot Off-Grid Concrete Solar Shelter”

  1. Put a SQUARE against the Image and The Angles now have a relationship for comparison.
    Mass produced Housing on a Fixed area of land may not be so easy to “SOLARIZE” as this
    beautiful example shown here. But even a Sketch which includes a Compass for direction
    (literally) would help make the alluded to comparison.

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