Nick’s Off-Grid Mallorca House – Now Available for Vacations

This house changed my life. A Boho Walkers’ paradise inspired me to write a book, make a film, start a web site. Now you can experience it too. 3 separate buildings, outdoor kitchen, 2 toilets, hot shower – 700m up in mountain. Great Views to sea.” – Nick Rosen

Learn more about renting this Off-Grid House in walkers’ paradise in Sóller. Nick Rosen is the author of the book, Off the Grid. You can find his very popular off-grid website at If you want to learn more about living off-the-grid check out Nick’s Off-Grid YouTube Channel for stories told by off-gridders themselves. If you’re on Facebook you can fine Off-Grid People there too.


Above: Outdoor kitchen. Below: The view.


Above: Inside the second home on the property. The house measures 12’x24′. Below: The exterior of that home.


Above: This is the shepherds hut that Alex transformed into the main house. Below: What the hut looks like now.