Off The Grid with Les Stroud

Les Stroud, a.k.a Survivor Man, produced this documentary several years ago that records his personal adventure into setting up an off-the-grid homestead in Canada.

The property he buys is 150 acres and has some old farm buildings, one of which he trys to convert into a small 20′ by 20′ cabin before winter. He also sets up a tent cabin that he and his family use as a temporary shelter and also has some help building a small prefab cabin.

It seems that the main lesson learned from this experience is that proper planning and good timing can make a project like this much easier. Although I suspect there was just no avoiding some of the challenges they endured.

All of the segments are currently on YouTube but you can also buy the DVD form his website. Here’s the first part.

Visit YouTube to see the rest…

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  1. John McDonald

    I watched the series and really enjoyed the visceral approach to the project. I think a follow up would be great. For example, from a lessons learned perspective – what worked, what could have been done differently and what failed? I think this is very timely and there is a lot of interest in this approach to living better. I think there is a market for consultants who have this project experience to offer similar options for others considering a similar move but who may not wish to re-create the wheel? Please keep up the good work, it is most appreciated.

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