Pete & Taylor at Always the Road

Meet Pete & Taylor – vanlife nomads and explorers. They blog at and have even written a 100+ page ebook on how to build a van conversion. Now they’ve embarked on building their second van.

A little thing happened while they were in school, they skipped class and hit the trail for nine months to backpack Southeast Asia. That rip did the trick – they were hooked on the nomadic lifestyle.

They have a lot of learning to share, with the van build and with living on the road. If this lifestyle speaks, sings, or shouts to you head on over to and follow them on instagram at @alwaystheroad for the latest photos.

That there is Sedona, Arizona near Oak Creek Crossing. I know that without them even having to say because I went to high school just down the road from there. Beautiful place Sedona.

Oh and this is Snoop. He’s a 90-pound lapdog who snores when he’s awake, crushes you while cuddling, and has not one vicious bone in his body. He loves the #vanlife too. Woof!

Photo credit to Pete & Taylor.

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  1. cindy wallach

    i want to build a tiny van home how to i pick out a van any tips or ideas would help

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