Potomac Tiny Home by Finn

Back then I’d never heard the term microhome. I didn’t know I was part of a “movement”. It just made sense to me to live as I did. It gave me great satisfaction and joy. My definition of success I inherited from my father. “Be happy.” I was. I went on to design and built more cabins, eight in all, all in the 8′ x12′ ballpark and all with 100% reclaimed materials.” – Finn

See more of the work of Charles Finn at A Room of Ones Own…

Potomac Tiny Home Exterior by Finn Potomac Tiny Home Interior by Finn

7 thoughts on “Potomac Tiny Home by Finn

  1. SM says:

    Bed upstairs, heat rises, that works. But is that the bed area that juts out over the porch? Is it really a good idea to have the cold north wind whipping just under your bed?

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