Prefab Tiny House from Russia by BIO Architects

DublDom “double house” is a modular dwelling designed by BIO Architects and fabricated not far from Moscow… The smaller DublDom is trucked to the building site in two main pieces, plus the choice of a deck or a covered porch. There is also an optional storage module that attaches to the back of the house.” – Small House Bliss

See more of DublDom by BIO Architects at Small House Bliss.

1 thought on “Prefab Tiny House from Russia by BIO Architects”

  1. Carlos Filipe

    This is Thoreau’s cabin update. Rugged minimalism, the glazed façade to the deck bringing in Nature.
    The choice of pine boards instead of panels for the walls and the beautiful floor enhance the tone of simplicity, yet sophistication.
    The only detail that makes me wonder is the lack of a window in the alcove and the four Velux. It looks like there is a problem of ventilation to cool the interior in hot days. Are the Velux there to bring in the sun rays in deep winter? Or to try to release the hot air accumulated in summer days?.
    The building concept of modularity allows a wide choice of options. Very good design.

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