ProtoStoga Event This Weekend

The ProtoStoga is a micro building on wheels created by Ann Holley.

“…we are loading up the ProtoStoga and heading to Missouri. It is Friday August 17 through Sunday August 19. We will set up a tiny house library inside the Stoga and have some tiny/mobile house history information and activities for kids. It should be fun!”

Get all the details about the ProtoStoga Event This Weekend!

2 thoughts on “ProtoStoga Event This Weekend

  1. Tina Bin-Flores says:

    I have a large 2 acre piece of beautiful land in South greenfield Missouri that I would love to add a handful of these bitty houses to and work a large community garden to feed shut ins and those less fortunate. Rent would be free, except you would work the 1 acre garden. Interested? please email at:

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