Steve and Kassie Frith’s Tiny House

Pictured here is one of two houses featured in the linked article from the Yakima Herald.

Across the Yakima Valley in Tieton, Kassie and Steve Frith are just settling down in their own tiny home, towed from Omaha, Neb., in mid-July. They relocated because Kassie will begin her first year at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.” – Yakima Herald

Also from the same story…

Samantha and her husband Robert, 29, started building their tiny home around Thanksgiving 2014. The 8-by-24-foot trailer that serves as the base makes the footprint of their living space just less than 200 square feet. They affectionately named their home SHED; partially because of its size and also because the project is about “shedding the superfluous.”” – Yakima Herald

Continue reading at the Yakima Herald. To learn more about these houses visit Steve and Kassie’s website and Samantha and Robert’s website.

8 thoughts on “Steve and Kassie Frith’s Tiny House”

  1. I loved seeing your pics of your home. I would have loved to have seen the bedroom, bath, kitchen and if you have a place to sit & watch TV, Karen

  2. karen lincoln

    am I missing something, the house pic on top with three axles is not the build the story is about. theirs is nice but looking for more info on the three axle pic. Also the free download that was sent will not open so I can down load.

    1. The article that Michael found tells about 2 couples who are building THOWs. The article has links to both of their websites at the beginning of the text. They are both worth checking out – good pictures, etc. The second site has the 3-wheel trailer. and

  3. Hello,
    The tiny house pictured in this thread actually belongs to two friends of ours that just moved to town. You can correct the title to “Steve and Kassie Frith’s Tiny House”. It is an understandable mistake as the article covers both Samantha and I’s current build as well as Steve and Kassie’s almost complete build that just moved to Yakima, WA as the author attempts to introduce our region to the concept of Tiny Houses.
    You can learn more about Samantha and I’s build process at
    You can learn more about Steve and Kassie’s journey at
    Hope this helps clarify. Cheers!

  4. Jeanne and Tim Daw

    We are seriously considering doing the tiny house. We have never been inside one. Where would we go in Yakima to see what it’s like?

    Thank you The Daws

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