Sandy’s Shabby Streamside Studio in Winter

Sharing my halting weekend attempts at soothing shabby French-Nordic décor & antique rose gardening at a 125 square foot studio in the Catskills of New York with three dogs and 11 hens.” – Sandy Foster

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2 thoughts on “Sandy’s Shabby Streamside Studio in Winter”

  1. Norma remkick

    I think it’s disgusting to tell people they have to use your “Cookies”. NO ONE wants you or anyone else spying on them and that’s all it is. I’m a big advocate of the tiny house movement big I’m against using cookies under any pretext! And shame on you for using some laughable idea that it’s for our “best experience”

    1. Cookies are technically required for functions like commenting.

      But I’m big on privacy too and we do not track people. Due to the new European GDRP law we now need to ask for consent before they are used. So… your wish is the Euro law makers command.

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