Why Buy When You Can First Try? Experience Shipping Container Living in a Seattle Vacation Rental

Before our container began its new life as a guest house in our yard, it trucked pineapples around Hawai’i. Everyone who sees it thinks that it’s pretty amazing…

The Big Yellow container is comfortably nestled in our fenced backyard and is conveniently located between the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods in Seattle.” – VRBO

Learn more and see inside this Shipping Container Guest House


    1. I always include a more link to the quoted article and included photos. This helps folks find more without overloading the site and exposes visitors to more tiny house websites.

  1. I have a question. Is there someone in NM that’s like a consultant to help people who want to look into building and approximate cost.

  2. Who on the MS Gulf Coast is a good contact for building Tiny Homes or has contemporary house plans?
    Amanda Breckenridge

  3. Is this home still available for rent? It looks like the link to VRBO.com no longer works.

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